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We create futureproof bussinesses and empower wildly successfull entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help you achieve your ultimate business goals.
We use dutch quality and we won’t take no for an answer.
The only way is up. The only goal is your succes!

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That’z Why created a personal programm for every entrepreneur.

Our coaches have over a thousand hours of business coaching experience and only one mission; your succes. We believe in the power of personal coaching. No “one fits all videos” but live one on one coaching with a powerfull business coach. That’z what we call Dutch quality.
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Marion Neggers the founder of That’z Why

Is one of the best coaches in the Netherlands and a succesfull entrepeneur with multiple streams of income. She interviewed lots of succesfull entrepeneurs all over the World and shares their strategies with you. She believes that every entrepeneur can unlock his full potential through coaching. She made mistakes on the path to succes and she’s here to save you the same errors. Her mission is to give you a short cut to succes.

about Marion

1. Successful coach

As a coach, she has the ability to see the big picture an get to the point quickly. She doesn’t see things better than they are. She sees reality and that’s what she gives back. Not what you want to hear but what you need to hear to be successful. She motivates and inspires people with direct and open communication. She helps you achieve your goals with courage and commitment!

2. Passionate speaker

She loves to be on stage to give people insights in their own behavior. She’s an absolute master if it comes to personal change.

3. Succesful entrepreneur

She started her first business with trial and error and learned a lot a long the way. Now she’s building businesses with knowledge and created a network of successful people all over the World.

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Our team


Johan is always looking for measurable results. He is used to look at the problem behind the problem and he leaves no stone unturned. He will not be put off by apologizing and will ask the questions that you need as an entrepreneur. He does this with great respect and genuine curiosity. Johan challenges entrepreneurs to make the most of themselves and their company. He knows many strategies and can properly convey them by his great  trainer techniques. He shows entrepreneurs  that leadership can take place in a natural way and that you can get every team in motion. During assessments he helps showing many directors their own talents and pitfalls. He trained and coached teams in all kinds of companies and can call itself a specialist when it comes to group behavior and communication. The key to success lies mainly in just doing it. He will therefore continue to invite you to get started. No excuses but identify the problems that you bump into by taking action. Thatz how entrepreneurs and teams get into motion!


Marielle is a creative entrepreneur, she stood at the cradle of different business concepts. She is motivated and always looking for the best in people and business. She has a positive attitude which shows in her appearance.  She even knows how to motivate the greatest pessimists. She sees the good in people. She is result-oriented and devoid of excuses. Open and honest she shows you where the pain is. She’s  looking for solutions and is not satisfied until the client is satisfied. Marielle approaches problems from the human side with amazing results. She shows entrepreneurs that they are standing in their own way on a regular basis. That they have to take their feet off the break and she knows exactly what the entrepreneur must overcome to do that. Marielle let you make the connection with your heart again. She helps  you to take concrete actions aimed to grow you as an entrepreneur and as a person.


Bastiaan is a capable entrepreneur who loves challenges. Sales is his priority. He is always busy  with selling and he does it in such a disarming way that you would buy from him the shoelaces from your own shoes with a smile. He challenges entrepreneurs to make their sales top of mind. That sounds logical but is not the case in many companies. He is a top coach at the Utrecht entrepreneurial academy where he helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. He teaches entrepreneurs to work on their business instead of in their business. He does this with incredible passion and humor. Bastiaan sets the bar high for himself and expects the same of the entrepreneurs he works with. He wants action, cause without action plans never make results.


Els has a broad and diverse career. Her career ranges from tophoreca, organizational science, management to natural medicine and nutrition. Els continues to challenge herself  to learn and grow. She is a passionate entrepreneur and gets the best out of people on a personal and business level. Els is brilliant when it comes to change processes. With her no-nonsense approach she quickly gets to the core to get results. The client comes first but things doesn’t have to take longer than strictly necessary. It’s all about results. As a coach, Els knows how to be both business and personal. She comes close to the entrepreneur as a person and brings them in motion so they never stop amaze themselves.


Eric has an impressive resume. He has a wealth of management experience and is amazing when it comes to marketing and sales. He is a passionate coach and trainer. He likes to challenge entrepreneurs to step outside their comfort zone and achieve results. He does this with great interest to the entrepreneurs he coaches. With his enthusiasm and humor he knows how to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs. He is a specialist when it comes to personal leadership and likes to share his knowledge. He likes it so much that besides his busy schedule he also teaches part time at Avans college. Everything to put the young generation ahead.

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